"Power Quality At It's Lowest In History, and Getting Worse!  Utilities Recommend Protection Against Power Quality Problems."

Lightning In Reno

FACT: Each Home Experiences 300-Plus Potentially Damaging Electrical Surges Per Year

FACT: Surges Shorten Equipment Life


Residential Motors


ALL Damage, Degrade and Destroy Your Appliances and Equipment

Homeowners Benefit From A Surge Solution


  •  The Average Home Gets Hit With Over 300 Energy Surges and 7200 Energy Spikes Each Year
  • Internal Events In The Home Are Source Of Most Surges. i.e. Washer/Dryer, A/C Condenser, Refrigeration Equipment, Dishwasher Motor, Pumps (Well & Pool) SOURCE: GE & National Power Labs
  • You Get Up to 30% More Life Out Of Your Appliances and Electronic Equipment If You Use Surge Protectors
  • A Lightning Strike Up To One Mile Away Can Do Damage To Your Sensitive Equipment
  • Many Homeowner Policies Do Not Cover Lightning Strikes
  • Many Insurance Companies Give a Discount for Homes That Have Surge Protectors
  • Whole House Surege Protectors Provide Inexpensive Insurance for Allappliances and Electronics in The Home Giving You Peace Of Mind

Normally $395 Installed

Now Just $295 Installed

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